No Smoking Day

13th March 2019

No Smoking Day is the national day which celebrates the success of people who have stopped smoking and encourages those still smoking to try, try and try again; ultimately giving up for good.

This year’s No Smoking Day takes place on Wednesday 13th March and the NHS are encouraging people to #TellUsYourWay of how you stopped smoking.

Tell Us Your Way

This Year’s No Smoking Campaign is called ‘Tell Us Your Way’ and people are being encouraged to post their ways to stop smoking on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #TellUsYourWay.

No Smoking Day can be a helpful time to quit by letting the people around you know that you’ve chosen to stop smoking and ask them to support and encourage you.

Find What Works Best for You

The Imperial Pharmacy at The Pantiles comment: “How you quit smoking is your choice, and different ways work for different people. It’s all about finding what works best for you to help you quit for good.

After a few days you’ll start to notice the changes, and there is a lot of help and support around for you, especially at this time of year.”

Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH, says: “Some people just decide to quit and manage it straight off – and can be surprised to find it was easier than they thought. For others it can take a number of attempts to succeed, but each time they learn something about themselves and what helps or gets in the way. There’s free, expert advice from your pharmacy or the NHS are on hand for prescriptions for help if you need them. Just have a think, and talk to people, and pick your way to quit.”

Quitting for Health

Millions of people experience health problems caused by smoking. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and diminishes overall health.

It can cause heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis and cataracts. It can also lead to premature death. Of these premature deaths:

  • 40% are from cancer
  • 35% are from heart disease and stroke
  • 25% are from lung disease

Studies have shown that quitting at around age 30, reduces the chance of dying from smoking-related disease by more than 90%. If you quit at around age 50, you reduce the risk of dying prematurely by 50%.

Even those who quit at around age 60 or older, live longer than those who continue to smoke. What’s more, you’ll experience health benefits from being a non-smoker as quickly as 20 minutes after you quit!

There has never been a better time to stop smoking. These reasons include:

  • Better and more quitting aid options, with e-cigarettes now the most popular
  • More restrictions on smoking
  • Banning the use of attractive brand imagery on tobacco packaging
  • A strong anti-smoking culture in England
  • Effective stop smoking campaigns such as No Smoking Day and Stoptober

Imperial Pharmacy

At Imperial Pharmacy in The Pantiles, they understand how difficult it can be to conquer the craving and addiction that comes with smoking.

That is why they can support you, not only with nicotine replacement therapy, but with regular one–to-one appointments, providing encouragement and advice along the way.

Take the first step by talking to a member of the pharmacy staff in-store today and prepare for being smoke-free!