Mark Hill

Mark is renowned for his dapper appearance and irrepressible style – along with an eclectic and acquisitive taste for antiques which encompasses a wide range of artefacts. He has perhaps the most contemporary and eccentric taste of all the experts who are part of the Pantiles Arcade, harbouring an interest in pieces from the latter part of the 20th century such as Star Wars memorabilia and post-war Czech glassware which redefine what is considered desirable and collectable.

From abstract sculptural pieces to avant garde art prints, by way of gently erotic etchings of pancake-making nudes dating to France’s ‘Belle Époque’, you can be sure that Mark’s interests are a long way removed from the somewhat outmoded perception of antiques as items that should be dolefully regarded in dusty, silent rooms. As such his inspiration and verve will fit in perfectly with what’s being created and curated in our increasingly vibrant corner of Tunbridge Wells.

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