Walk Your Dog Month 2024

9th January 2024

January is Walk Your Dog Month! This dedicated month not only offers perks for both pet owners and their furry companions but also serves as a great opportunity to beat those January blues, engage in social activities, explore the local area and enhance the overall wellbeing of your dog.

Porky Pooches

Did you know that canine obesity is the most prevalent nutritional disorder in dogs? Much like human obesity, this condition arises from an energy imbalance: more intake than expenditure.

As outlined in a report by Burgess Pet Care, a staggering 51% of dogs in the UK are obese, with an additional 600,000 pets being overweight. Pugs, in particular, stand out as the breed most prone to obesity, with three-quarters classified as obese by veterinary professionals.

The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention warns that clinical obesity in pets is on the rise, resulting in various secondary conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease and certain cancers. Pets grappling with obesity also experience a diminished quality of life and a shorter life expectancy.

Identifying signs of canine obesity is crucial, including the inability to feel the dog’s waistline, sagging abdominal areas, a fuller face, reluctance to walk or slower walking speeds, excessive panting, lethargy, needing assistance to climb onto furniture or into cars and a lack of interest in playing games.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

For effective weight management in dogs, it is recommended to incorporate a diet abundant in protein and fibre while keeping fat intake low. It’s crucial to refrain from feeding your dog leftovers and scraps. Always consult packaging for the recommended daily serving amount. Resisting those irresistible, doe-eyed glances and cute mannerisms from your pet is essential to prevent unintended harm.

Physical Activity

Even though January’s chilly weather may not be the most appealing for outdoor activities amidst frost, rain and snow, prioritising your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing is paramount. Regular walks and exercise play a crucial role in combating excess weight.

During Walk Your Dog Month, consider making a dedicated effort to establish a routine beneficial for both you and your furry friend. Gradually escalating exercise levels, such as increasing the frequency or distance of walks, can significantly reduce the risk of obesity and related health issues.

Exploring the Scenic Trails of Tunbridge Wells

Discover the beauty of Tunbridge Wells, where a staggering 70% is designated as Outstanding Natural Beauty, making it an ideal locale to celebrate Walk Your Dog Month. Some noteworthy local walks include:

The Tunbridge Wells Circular Walk

Spanning 27.5 miles, this trail encompasses the town with links to the Royal town centre. Feel free to tackle it in smaller sections, passing points of interest such as Groombridge Place Gardens and the Chagall windows at All Saints’ Church in Tudeley.

The Wealdway Walk

Crossing the counties of Kent and Sussex, this 80-mile walk traverses the chalk ridges of the North and South Downs and meanders through the Weald. It commences from Old Father Thames in Gravesend, North Kent, extending through Tunbridge Wells before concluding in Eastbourne, Sussex.

Tunbridge Wells & Rusthall Commons

The Commons offer a plethora of delights for you and your furry companions. From the captivating geology supporting stunning rock formations and natural sandpits to habitats attracting diverse plant and animal life, the Commons provide an enriching experience.

The Pantiles

Of course, a leisurely stroll along the historical Pantiles presents a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your pooch. Whether you wish to peruse bespoke artworks in windows, indulge in locally sourced gastronomic delights at dog-friendly venues, or simply soak in the stunning scenery, The Pantiles stands out as an ideal destination during Dog Walking Month.

Collared at The Pantiles

Seeking ideal accessories for your dog walks? Explore Collared, a charming dog accessory and gift emporium nestled in The Pantiles. This boutique caters to all your canine requirements, curating top-notch products sourced from global destinations. The collection features renowned brands such as Puppia, West Paw, Wacky Walker, Rough Wear, Walters, Hunter and Flexi.

The dedicated staff at Collared takes pleasure in meeting customers, particularly those of the furry kind, and are ready to provide expert advice on all matters related to dogs.