The Importance of Photography

11th April 2018

At Maddisons Residential in The Pantiles, they want your property to look at its absolute best. Consequently, the importance of photography in selling your home should not be overlooked.

Any images that represent your property are an essential ingredient in getting a sale and a good price. In this week’s blog, Maddisons explore the importance of photography in more depth.

Maddisons believe photographs are one of the best ways to promote your home. Eye-catching pictures of both the interior and exterior of your property are a great way to grab the attention of potential purchasers.

So why is the quality of the photographs so important in helping them to sell your home for the best possible price?

Images Attract Attention

Professional photos could be the first and maybe the only impression that the majority of buyers who are searching for homes on the Internet see. Alternatively, poorly taken photos will certainly be off putting and may relegate your property to the “maybe” or “definitely not” viewing piles.

House buying and selling has moved on a long way from printed advertising when 1 or 2 photos were all that was required or perhaps all that was possible. This is now the digital era when many decisions are made in front of the computer or from smart devices.

Potential buyers are not waiting for new properties to drop through their letterboxes. By just inputting the number of reception rooms and bedrooms required and the location and price range, there may be a considerable number of properties available at the click of a button. It’s important that your property makes a real impact.

Why use a Professional Photographer?

Multiple images are required as viewings are based on a buyer seeing pictures of the rooms, the front of the property and the garden, as well as extras including leisure facilities and log cabin offices.

A top photographer will have the right equipment to get the best images of your property. It is important that a state-of-the-art wide angled lens is used to really create a life-like impression of what your home is about. The use of a tripod, diffuser or flash gun are all essential. Make sure you pick a photographer who can add great light to your photos without turning all the lights on (which will just make a buyer think your property is dark). However, there are a few steps that you can do to make your photographs even stronger.

Tips to Create Fabulous Images of your Property

  • Clean and sparkling windows
  • Clear worktops and counters
  • Cleaned carpets
  • De-cluttering
  • Removal of personal items
  • Flowers and plants on display
  • Fresh, fluffy towels in bathrooms
  • Tidy outside areas

Refreshing the Memory

Pictures will also reinforce a viewer’s image of your home and may encourage a second viewing. These can be shown to family and friends who may have a say in whether the property is a possibility or not.

At Maddisons in The Pantiles, they only use top professional photographers to take the shots of your home as it’s this attention to detail that makes them stand out from other agents. They are also happy to stage your home to get amazing results.

Contact the award-winning team to discuss how they can best market your property and promote it with a collection of photographs that really will show it in its best possible light.