Plastic Free July: The Zero Waste Company

7th July 2021

Plastic Free July is a global movement that aims to minimise plastic pollution so we can enjoy cleaner streets, oceans and communities. By choosing to refuse single-use plastics during Plastic Free July and beyond, you can help make a better world for everyone. To support this campaign, why not visit The Zero Waste Company in The Pantiles?

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is designed to help people refuse single-use plastic and improve recycling practices. The challenge continues to drive positive change through simple solutions that help communities live more sustainably – for example using reusable cups, water bottles and plastic bags, and refusing to buy produce wrapped in plastic.

From humble beginnings in 2011, the award-winning Plastic Free July campaign is the result of years of hard work. Started by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small team in local government in Western Australia, and is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world. Millions of people across the globe take part every year, with many committing to plastic reduction far beyond the month of July.

On a larger scale, Plastic Free July challenge aims to kick-start long-lasting solutions and influence business and governments to take action to:

  • Improve recycling: Follow local recycling guides and put items in the right bin.
  • Embrace a circular economy: Encourage businesses and organisations to move away from the concept of ‘take, make and throw away’, towards a circular economy that promotes recycling and the reuse of materials.
  • Extended producer responsibility (EPR): Push businesses to own the product management lifecycle. This involves producers considering the end-of-life of the products they sell, and making it easy for customers to dispose of products thoughtfully. Container deposit schemes are a good example of this – they reduce beverage container litter by an average of 40% and increase recycling too.

The Zero Waste Company

The Zero Waste Company in The Pantiles is the first completely plastic free store in Tunbridge Wells. The aim being to provide a zero waste environment for customers, offering refill stations on bulk goods, household and personal toiletries, as well as ethical vegan make up, perfume and accessories.

The store works with a local farm to offer fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, and a zero waste florist for beautiful flowers without the cellophane. What’s more, they even have a café where you can collect your morning pick-me-up – bring a cup or container (or use the store’s compostable ones) and have a coffee to take away. Or hang out in-store in their comfortable seating area to sip into something special or enjoy a hearty meal. Whether you are looking for an eco-solution to your shopping or a place to chill with some like-minded individuals, The Zero Waste Company have it all wrapped up!

Holly and Charlotte

The Zero Waste Company is run by Holly and Charlotte – friends and business partners who had a vision. They wanted to create a space that encourages the community to come together and shop smartly, ethically and locally.

Holly is the self-confessed hippy of the partnership! She has two children (Willow and Fox) and – along with her husband Tom – enjoys a veggie lifestyle. Holly’s passion and creativity means she is always willing to try new plastic-free products and ideas.

Charlotte (Lottie) is the outdoorsy one. Lottie grew up on a farm and has two horses and two dogs. Lottie is married to Dan and they have two children – Kit and Mimi. She is incredibly passionate about a zero waste life and is extremely keen to show others how to do the same by changing small habits to create big changes.

Happy Customers

The Zero Waste Company has a whole host of happy customers! Here are words from some of them:

“You were a life saver during the worst times during the pandemic. Thank you for helping and keeping us going. It’s an amazing concept and a real pleasure to shop with you.”

– Gail Ann Putnam

“Love coming into Zero Waste for coffee and cake, and it was such a blessing during lockdown when you were there to greet us new mums with a big smile when we had nowhere to go in the rain. Will be down as often as possible to support you guys.”

– Anneka Desrosiers

“Had a delicious lunch on Sunday – highly recommended.”

– Naomi Anna

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