Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

5th September 2022

Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is an annual event dedicated to bringing people together over a cuppa to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Get prepared to raise your mug at the end of this month and support a fantastic fundraiser!

Challenging Times

Every 90 seconds someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. Macmillan is doing everything it can to provide vital emotional, financial or clinical support for people living with cancer who are going through a challenging time.

Before Covid-19, many patients told Macmillan that being diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment was the scariest thing that they could imagine. These anxieties and concerns have not gone away during the pandemic – they’ve been made worse by the crisis – meaning that Macmillan needs support from the British public more than ever to continue to provide the vital support people living with cancer rely on.

The charity is almost entirely funded by donations and, consequently, it is calling on the public to help raise vital funds this year. Every penny raised at a Coffee Morning helps Macmillan to provide essential support to people affected by cancer.

How Your Donations Help

£10 — This could help run the phone service for cancer patients. The Macmillan Support Line is manned by welfare rights advisers who advise those affected by cancer as to what benefits they can claim.

£30 — This could pay for 50 copies of cancer information booklets. These booklets are one of the most popular resources, offering advice and information on sources of support to people affected by cancer, who may experience a wide range of emotions including fear, loneliness and anger.

£60 — This could pay for a Macmillan Grant that buys a good quality liquidiser for someone who can’t eat solid food as a result of their cancer or treatment.

£100 — This could pay for a Health Professional to attend a specialised conference on approaches to cancer treatment, run by Macmillan.

£150 — This could pay for a Macmillan Grant that buys new clothes for someone experiencing a change in weight or body shape while undergoing cancer treatment, helping them feel better about the way they look.

£200 — This could pay for the training of a person affected by cancer to become a Cancer Support Course Facilitator. This is an accredited course which develops participants’ cancer awareness, communication and counselling skills to better support other people affected by cancer.

Getting Involved

Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning takes place this year on 30th September, so you have plenty of time to prepare how you can get involved. To sign up, visit:

Supporters are encouraged to hold their Coffee Morning whenever and wherever it suits them. Whether it’s in the garden, the office kitchen, outside the community hall, at school, or on the street for your neighbours to enjoy. Just make sure it is easily accessible.

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Whatever you make for your Macmillan Coffee Morning, we’d love to see the results! Upload your photos to our social media pages.