11th May 2016

If I’m honest, jazz is not usually my cup of tea. However a couple of days off with my lovely wife Ellie, some fine weather and an impulsive need for adventure urged us to attend the first Jazz night of the season at The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells… and WOW, what an excellent night we had!

The evening began with a stroll through The Pantiles. A moment was taken to fully absorb the history and the beautiful characteristics of this unique place, only a moment though as someone’s belly began to rumble.

Foodies at heart, Ellie and I were spoilt for choice by the excellent range of eateries and cafes on offer. We managed to get a table at the Tunbridge Wells Hotel right next to the bandstand. Alfresco dining, great views and great food, we were in our element.

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As we began to feast upon our tasty three course meal, the main event commenced. Tonight’s Jazz offering was a three piece band. Roger Carey on bass, Andy Williams on lead and Dave Trigwell on the drums, a trio of charismatic guys with tremendous talent and an obvious passion for Jazz. Their easy listening yet highly technical style was an absolute pleasure to behold and the perfect accompaniment to a warm spring evening.

The evening turned to dusk and a few delicious craft beers later, we found ourselves up on our feet in heart of The Pantiles, amongst the chatter of young and seasoned patrons enjoying themselves to the funky back drop of live Jazz. The spectacle became even more magical as darkness fell and the stage lights danced across the stunning Pantiles architecture.

An intoxicating mix of the smooth Jazz sounds and the electric atmosphere really got us in the summer spirit and in moments, my bravery peaked to show off a little more dance flare than the usual (and much less embarrassing according to my wife) toe tapping.

The Jazz drew to a close at around 21:30 and as the last notes faded into the warm breeze, I couldn’t help but feel total contentment. The night offered some truly memorable moments and I can’t wait to revisit and do it all again.