Blues Brothers Little Brother

Thursday 12th September 2024

Blues Brothers Little Brother, comprising 12 talented musicians, pays homage to the iconic Blues Brothers, the soulful stylings of the Commitments, and the infectious groove of Sweet Soul Music.

With a lineup featuring skilled instrumentalists and dynamic vocalists, the band captures the essence of these legendary acts, delivering electrifying performances that transport audiences back to the golden era of blues, soul and R&B.

From the soulful melodies of the Commitments to the high-energy antics of the Blues Brothers, Blues Brothers Little Brother infuses each performance with authenticity and passion.

With their tight rhythms, soulful horns, and powerhouse vocals, they bring the spirit of these timeless classics to life on stage, creating an unforgettable experience for fans of blues, soul and classic R&B alike.

There is a £5 admission fee for Live at The Pantiles (Formerly Jazz on The Pantiles), payable online. Or, on the night entry, is £7.50 in-person without restaurant reservation. This fee applies to event-only spectators and those dining in participating restaurants.

Spectators space with a pop-up bar is available and foldaway chairs are permitted if space on the evening allows.

If you would like to dine on the evening for the event please contact the participating restaurants:

The Tunbridge Wells Hotel: 01892 530 501
Kirthon: 07592 271 151
La Casa Vecchia: 01892 544 700
Essence at The Pantiles: 01892 614411

Sponsored by:

Evelyn Partners

In association with:


Thomson Snell & Passmore