The Diamond Setter Sparkles at The Pantiles

5th March 2024

In the historic heartland of Tunbridge Wells, The Pantiles has long been a beacon of charm, culture and sophistication. Amidst the tiled streets and Georgian architecture, a new gem has emerged in the form of The Diamond Setter.

Gavin and Lorraine Marsh, the creative minds behind The Diamond Setter, recently unveiled their exquisite new showroom and onsite workshop, marking a milestone in The Pantiles’ rich tapestry of offerings.

The Grand Opening

On a blustery evening at the end of February, despite the wind and rain, special VIP guests gathered to celebrate the grand opening of The Diamond Setter’s new home. The ambiance was one of warmth and elegance as attendees explored the meticulously crafted pieces and admired the open-plan layout that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of bespoke jewellery.

The Diamond Setter, previously based at Salomons Estate, brings a wealth of expertise in bespoke jewellery, redesigning heirloom pieces, crafting engagement and wedding rings and offering expert jewellery repair services. However, what truly sets them apart is their latest venture into the realm of Osmium, a metal both rare and captivating.

Osmium: The Rarest Metal in the World

Amidst glasses of bubbles and delectable canapés, guests were introduced to the partnership between The Diamond Setter and Osmium, making them the first UK jeweller to design and stock this extraordinary metal. Osmium, hailed as the rarest metal in the world, possesses a crystalline form that is truly captivating.

The allure of Osmium lies not only in its scarcity but also in its unique properties. Each piece of Osmium is as distinct as a fingerprint, rendering it impossible to replicate or clone. Its scarcity, coupled with its remarkable beauty, positions Osmium as an exceptional long-term tangible asset, coveted by investors and connoisseurs alike.

Gavin and Lorraine’s journey with Osmium began with rigorous training, culminating in Gavin’s inaugural collection of Osmium jewellery pieces. One set now graces their showroom on The Pantiles, while the other embarks on a global odyssey, showcased at leading jewellery exhibitions around the world.

As guests marvelled at the brilliance of Osmium and explored The Diamond Setter’s array of offerings, they gained insight into the intricate process behind this remarkable metal. Mined alongside platinum, Osmium’s scarcity is underscored by the complex and expensive extraction process, making it a truly precious commodity.

Looking to the future, the allure of Osmium continues to captivate the imagination of jewellery enthusiasts worldwide. With its recoverable reserves estimated to be as scarce as approximately one cubic meter, Osmium remains a symbol of exclusivity and refinement, destined to become a coveted treasure for generations to come.

A Passion for Jewellery

Reflecting on the event, Gavin expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share their passion for jewellery with the community. The showroom’s open-plan design fosters an environment of accessibility and transparency, allowing visitors to peruse the designs at their leisure, free from the constraints of traditional retail settings.

Lorraine echoed Gavin’s sentiments, emphasising the warm reception they’ve received from both clients and fellow traders on The Pantiles. The move to the iconic location provides The Diamond Setter with the space to expand their workshop and showcase an even broader range of designs, further cementing their commitment to their hometown and its rich heritage.

As The Pantiles continues to evolve and thrive, The Diamond Setter shines bright as a testament to the enduring allure of timeless elegance and the boundless possibilities of imagination. Step into this world at The Pantiles and let the magic of Osmium ignite your senses!