Sue Hill Baby & Children’s Clothing

22nd August 2016

Sue Hill’s shop, located in the heart of The Pantiles, offers a unique collection of children’s clothing, baby gifts and special occasion wear all made by hand by a team of dressmakers and hand knitters in the UK.

As well as her dressmakers and hand knitters, Sue also has a small team of talented ladies who do all the hand smocking and hand embroidery on the clothing and knitwear. From the shop, they design, create, sell and dispatch every single item that is produced.


Sue writes all the knitting patterns for her team of dedicated knitters, then on a daily basis, sends out the yarn to each one. The merino cashmere and pure cashmere yarn she uses is made for her in Italy to her own specification and colours.

When the hand knitted garments are returned to her, she sews on labels and buttons. Sue still presses and tags every piece herself to ensure that it is perfectly made and presented.

Naomi, Sue’s production manager and qualified pattern maker, creates each sewing pattern and cuts all the fabric to send to her team of seamstresses. She only works with top quality fabrics such as Liberty print, pure cottons and pure silks.

Her working area is located at the back of the shop so customers can see how it all comes together. Again, once made, each piece is inspected by Naomi and Sue for local customer orders or before packing for online orders.


Sue’s dedicated team of knitters and seamstresses work tirelessly to produce the clothes stocked in the shop, and their love for their craft really shows in every piece created.

Sue and her team are very passionate about the business and are committed to creating the best quality baby and children’s clothing for their very discerning and, sometimes, very high profile customers.

When you next visit The Pantiles, be sure to visit Sue Hill’s store to marvel at the craftsmanship and excellent variety for yourself!