Sleep helps you stick to your goals

29th January 2020

It’s no secret that many of us struggle with our New Year’s resolutions. However, one key toward helping us stick to our goals may be right on our pillows; sleep.

Whether your aim this year is to lose weight, get fitter or quit a particular habit, don’t underestimate the importance of sleep in the process.

Things are easier when you’re rested

“Adding better sleep to your list of New Year’s resolutions can make it easier to reach some of the other goals on your list, whether that’s exercise, getting fit, or even losing weight” says Lissa Coffey, a lifestyle expert and the Better Sleep Council spokesperson.

She adds: “It seems so simple but getting adequate rest can positively impact every other part of your life. When you’re well rested, it’s easier to choose healthier foods and to feel energised to exercise.”

According to a survey from the Better Sleep Council (BSC), the non-profit consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, 45% of people who make New Year resolutions don’t make much of an effort to keep them and of this 45%, about 9 million won’t make any effort at all. Key findings from this survey suggest sleep may be the resolution that helps people stay on track with their top goals in 2020.

A majority of respondents (88%) considered making New Year’s resolutions. Based on the survey, these resolutions included:

  • 53% – Exercise more/get fit
  • 49% – Get/stay fit and healthy
  • 46% – Lose weight
  • 42% – Spend less, save more
  • 37% – Enjoy life to the fullest
  • 31% – Get organised
  • 28% – Start a budget
  • 27% – Spend more time with family and friends
  • 19% – Read more
  • 19% – Learn a new hobby
  • 14% – Stop smoking
  • 8% – Cut back on alcohol

Of those 88%, 27% picked getting more/better sleep. Additionally, those who reported that they wanted more sleep/better sleep as one their resolutions also reported other health-related goals, including exercising more (69%) and staying fit and healthy (68%), which were the top two selected New Year’s resolutions overall.

Also, people surveyed who wanted to prioritise sleep, planned to do so by getting to bed earlier (65%), maintaining a consistent bedtime (62%), and having new night-time routines (53%). Almost half of those surveyed said they also plan to upgrade their sleep environment by purchasing a new mattress or other bed-related items.

To sleep more soundly – and make health a priority in the New Year – the Better Sleep Council offers these suggestions:

  • Make daily sleep appointments.Develop a routine in which you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day. Don’t let social media or work distract you, and when it’s bedtime, go to sleep no matter what.
  • Create a great bed for great sleep. If you’re not waking up refreshed every day, it’s time to examine your mattress and decide if you need a new one.
  • Keep it cool, even in the winter. A comfortable sleeping temperature is approximately 19 degrees, so turn on an air conditioner or lower the thermostat before bed to make the room right for you.
  • Try yoga. Practice yoga before bed to de-stress after your day, relax your muscles and bring your body to a restful state before hitting the hay.

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