Pokémon Go

28th July 2016

Pokémon Go launched in the UK last week, and things have gone pretty Pokémon berserk ever since.

The free app became an overnight sensation, and now has more downloads than Tinder and more active users than Twitter worldwide.

With the excitement surrounding these mini monsters, we’re delighted to see so many of them taking up residence at The Pantiles!


What’s unique about Pokémon Go is that it’s entirely based around locations. Players have to move around in the real world in order to find and catch Pokémon. Pokémon can be found just about anywhere – they have been located on the street, in buses, and even in people’s homes.

There are also special locations called Pokéstops. Pokéstops are landmarks in local locations where you can collect items to help you advance through the game, including pokeballs, potions, revives and even eggs – which you can hatch while walking around.


There are also gyms where players can battle one another. Fighting at a gym will level up your character. When you reach level five, you can join one of three battle teams – red team Valor, yellow team Instinct and blue team Mystic.

Gyms are usually located in important areas (for example, in the US there is one in Times Square). If you become very accomplished, you can have a position at the gym and leave one of your monsters there to defend it.


The Pokémon Go app is free to download, but in-app purchases are also available. One of the in-game items you can buy is the Lure Module. Lures are one of the most powerful and rare items in Pokémon Go and are used to help you capture Pokémon.

Unlike most things in the game, Lures are community items which means everyone can use one. Here are the steps to using a Pokémon Lure:

  1. Go to a Pokéstop.
  2. Tap on the Pokéstop in the Pokémon Go main screen.
  3. Once open, click on the cylindrical shaped icon above the circular Pokéstop picture.
  4. You’ll see a screen that asks you if you want to use a Lure. Confirm that you do.
  5. Go back to the main screen. The Pokéstop should now be awash with purple flower pedals and swirls. This means the Lure is active.
  6. Lures last for 30 minutes and you’ll have to remain near the Pokéstop in order to enjoy the benefits.

Pokémon at The Pantiles

iFour recently did a straw poll where people clutching a phone in The Pantiles were asked what they were using their phone for.

Out of 16 people, 11 were playing Pokémon Go! Six of these Pokémon hunters said that they would specifically head to an area with lots of Pokéstops and seven said they would choose a coffee shop, pub or other business if it had a dedicated Pokéstop.

Obviously, this research was music to our ears!

There are nine Pokéstops at The Pantiles, so you’re highly likely to catch a curious critter when you visit. And because we provide an off-street, safe and child-friendly environment, it’s the ideal venue for Pokémon hunting.

What’s more, The Pantiles will be randomly placing Lures on many of these Pokéstops over the summer. So keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for alerts as to when this happens.