Poggenpohl at The Pantiles

17th November 2021

Poggenpohl are the inventors of the modern kitchen and the leading brand for luxury kitchen architecture. Poggenpohl at The Pantiles showcases a variety of the brand’s concepts and provide stunning solutions on how you can transform your cooking, dining and living areas into a world full of character and pleasure.

About Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl has a long tradition of innovation. As the inventor of the modern kitchen, Poggenpohl sustainably combines architectural concepts and applications with trendsetting design, superb craftsmanship and technical precision. Founded in 1892, the small cabinetmaker’s shop has evolved into the leading brand for German-made luxury kitchen architecture. The company’s outstanding international reputation is built upon its constant pursuit of innovation.

The company’s kitchens are manufactured at the headquarters in Herford, Germany, ensuring their distinction and high standard of quality. The kitchens are sold in over 70 countries around the world, through an international network of the company’s own studios and authorised business partners.

The Current Collection

Poggenpohl offers a view of new dimensions with their current collection – providing fresh perspectives for the kitchen, making a clear statement for the future. Under the central theme of ‘Spotting New Dimensions’, the founder of the modern kitchen celebrates interpretations of modern opulence.

Whether in a classic villa, a functional bungalow, an open loft, a stylish flat in an old building or a compact efficiency apartment – the kitchen is the centre of modern life. Kitchens are where people cook, celebrate, work and live – in abundance and with enthusiasm. It’s where the family is at home, where friends and colleagues are welcomed. For Poggenpohl, kitchens symbolise a life of enjoyment that is rich in character and full of energy. The kitchen is part of an architecture that combines living space with life itself, and through personalised features and intuitive use, it becomes an expression of the owner’s personality.

Spotting New Dimensions

This year’s collection interprets life liberally. The combination of terrazzo and smoked oak evoke memories of holidays in southern Europe. Natural Rosso Lepanto marble is paired with velvety eucalyptus wood, lava rock with a bright blue glaze is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, while brushed spruce with a black surface adds a bold counterpoint. Varied green nuances are evocative of a garden full of herbs, while the ceramic with its golden shimmer brings a certain luminescence into the room. Even the white colour palette is surprisingly diverse.

The ‘Spotting New Dimensions’ theme presents a view of the many different possibilities.

The collection reflects a longing for more vitality, while the fresh ideas are a channel allowing life and the home to shine through. This year’s new pieces are extraordinary works of artisanal aesthetics and the utmost precision. Traditional technology and innovation come together in a contemporary interpretation of luxury. These features are framed by a systemic approach, defined by an intentional combination of design and function, of materials and colours.

Nature and Sustainability

The collection focuses on unusual materials. Nature and principles of sustainability serve as guides in the selection and processing of these materials. Poggenpohl has taken terrazzo from its traditional role and reinterpreted it sculpturally. The kitchen island featuring Nero Portoro marble is like a stately monolith in the room, with terrazzo panels and their honey-coloured inlays are meticulously folded around its body by hand.

An impressive rectangle of Rosso Lepanto marble evokes the originality of the natural stone. Massive blocks are invisibly joined into an elongated worktop, which appears to float over the illuminated eucalyptus base units below.

Glassy and lustrous refined lava stone shines in an intense blue. The surface is characterised by delicate gradients and fine craquelure. To achieve this, rough lava stone is smoothed in lengthy firing processes and sealed with glass enamel at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius. The textured ceramic worktop with its golden shimmer is like a jewel, exuding exclusivity.

The white ceramic glass worktop resembles stratified ice floes in the Arctic Ocean. In an elaborate manufacturing process, granulate material made of recycled shards is melted into a robust, crystalline structure, resulting in every slab featuring a unique image with a beautiful texture.

The interplay with shades of white extends to the delicate pearl shimmer of the newly developed Stucco front. Using a sophisticated spackling technique, extra-fine microcement is applied in multiple thin layers and then manually sanded until an exquisite surface with a velvety feel is achieved.

The newly developed cabinet series, ‘Showcase’, has a special appearance. Small collections, prized possessions, special mementos or even practical everyday items can be displayed in these softly lit cabinets, like in a glass treasure chest.

A further highlight of the collection is the new shelving system, ‘Array 170’. Custom-made aluminium profiles can be adapted to the available space. Whether suspended from the ceiling, mounted traditionally on the wall or boldly towering upright – thanks to the invisible joints, every application conveys a composed and elegant image.

The +VENOVO line sets the tone this year with its many statements made in an impressive range of green hues. The subtle nuances of the fronts harmonise with the iridescent lacquers of the metal surfaces. The ceramic glass worktop featuring recycled green shards also emphasises Poggenpohl’s bond with nature and aim to promote sustainability. Broken glass is transformed into a highly sophisticated, inspiring material.

A Luxury Kitchen To Fit Your Lifestyle

To view this decadent collection, head to the showroom in The Pantiles. Poggenpohl Tunbridge Wells Studio Manager Nicole Walsh says, “We are waiting to work with you to create a luxury bespoke kitchen that fits your lifestyle.”