National BBQ Week

30th May 2018

The UK’s biggest BBQ focussed campaign takes place this week. National BBQ Week celebrates everything BBQ and encourages people to embrace BBQ culture, cooking outdoors and enjoying delicious summer food!

BBQ Benefits

There are many benefits to barbecuing. Here are a few ways in which a BBQ can benefit your social life, health and even the value of your home:

Having a BBQ is a great way of entertaining friends and family. The BBQ becomes the focal point of any social gathering and acts as the ‘theatre of the garden’. People can watch as you cook their dinner, while enjoying the weather and outdoor space.

Adding Value to your Home
Outdoor kitchens are much more than a place to put the BBQ grill – you can build up your whole outdoor area around it, adding patio furniture, heaters and more to create a comfortable outdoor paradise. Adding a built-in BBQ to your outdoor living space is also a great investment.

Outdoor kitchens have a high rate of return on investment when compared to other outdoor home improvement projects.

Keeping your Home Clean
Cooking outside prevents your home from getting messy, from being filled with smoke or unwanted food smells. Without using the oven and other kitchen appliances, you will also help to keep your utility costs lower.

Grilling food is better for you than nearly any other cooking option. It is delicious, less greasy and – when done right – can be a healthy option. The high heat of grilling helps food retain its moisture too, so all meat and fish is going to be particularly succulent.

Cooking at home is also healthier than eating in restaurants, because you can control how much butter, oil and salt goes into and onto your food. Barbecuing at home using marinades and rubs can be very healthy and tasty!

BBQ Facts

  • BBQ and at-home eating is now the UK’s number one summer home leisure activity, with two in three households in the country owning a BBQ
  • Last year, the UK was Europe’s leading BBQ nation – hosting over 13 million BBQs
  • The average number of BBQs held per family during the summer has risen sharply from round 2.5 around ten years’ ago, to over 9
  • After-work or mid-week BBQs now account for over 48% of all BBQ occasions
  • US style barbequing has become very fashionable over recent times, with pulled pork being especially popular. Hot and spicy food regions, such as South Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, North Africa and Southern US and their Cajun and Creole delicacies have also become popular in the UK
  • Gas is the preferred BBQ method, with 48% of people using this. 42% use charcoal
  • Couples are 3 times more likely to host a BBQ than singles. Only 4% of pensioners are likely to have a BBQ
  • 33% of men and 32% of women now attend between 8 and 9 BBQs per year.

Trevor Mottram

Opening the year that Jamie Oliver was born, Trevor Mottram has been a name at the heart of The Pantiles for over forty years. They are a cook shop stocking everything a kitchen and cook needs – especially for National BBQ Week!

From plates to cutlery and BBQ utensils to clever gadgets, there’s everything to ensure you cook up a fabulous family feast this week!