Live like a Pet

6th February 2019

At this time of year, many of us are on the brink of packing in those optimistic New Year resolutions and have started to settle back into old habits.

However, according to pet charity Blue Cross, the inspiration we need to keep going may be closer to home than we think.

Research reveals that 86% of the changes people want to make to improve their lives mirrors the way that dogs, cats, horses and other furries behave naturally – suggesting that turning to our pets for inspiration could help us maintain our goals.

Ultimate Lifestyle Gurus

Blue Cross claims pets are the ultimate lifestyle gurus for humans and may, in fact, be more effective at motivating people to achieve their healthy living goals than celebrity workout videos, wellbeing blogs and social media fitness experts that often set unrealistic goals that lead to us feeling tired and defeated.

Indeed, pets only drink water, exercise every day, live in the moment, sleep well and – with responsible owners – they usually eat a healthy diet. Therefore, they are beacons of healthy living and the perfect inspiration for humans looking to give their lifestyle an overhaul!

The majority of pet owners need no convincing of this argument, with almost two thirds (63%) of those surveyed by Blue Cross agreeing that their pets would inspire them to achieve their healthy living ambitions, while three quarters (76%) think they would stand a better chance of sticking to their goals if they followed their pets as their role models.

The theory was given celebrity approval by TV presenter Gail Porter, who confessed she draws motivation from her beloved cat. Gail said: “Anyone wanting to make a resolution to be a better friend need look no further than a cat for inspiration. My cat is always there for me. Good days, bad days, I am always assured of a cuddle and a wee head nudge. My adorable friend.”

Karly Smith, Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist adds: “We hope that showcasing the amazing effect that animals have on people’s lives, and the role they play as every day motivators, will encourage Brits to look to their pets for inspiration when it comes to sticking to their goals. However, for our pets to act as role models, people need to play their role and be responsible pet owners to ensure animals of all shapes and sizes live healthy and happy lives.”

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