Keep Your Dog Fit & Well in December

28th November 2023

As the temperature drops, December brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for dog owners. It’s a time to reassess and adjust our furry friends’ routines to ensure they stay healthy, happy, and active during the changing season.

Outdoor Adventures Despite the Chill

December weather can be brisk, but that doesn’t mean outdoor activities are off the table. In fact, the cool air can invigorate your dog and make for refreshing walks. Consider exploring new trails or parks in your area, embracing the seasonal changes together. Make sure your pup is appropriately dressed for the weather with a cozy sweater or jacket, especially if they have short fur.

Tailoring Exercise to Breed and Age

Different breeds and age groups have varied exercise needs. December is an excellent time to reassess your dog’s activity level and adjust accordingly. For energetic breeds, maintaining a higher intensity of exercise might be necessary, while senior dogs may benefit from gentler activities like shorter, more frequent walks. Consult with your vet to determine the most suitable exercise routine for your furry friend.

Nutrition Adjustments for the Season

With the changing weather, your dog’s nutritional needs may also shift. Consider consulting your veterinarian or a canine nutrition specialist to ensure your dog’s diet is well-balanced and meets their specific requirements. Some dogs may require a slight increase in calories during colder months to maintain energy levels.

Additionally, incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into their diet can provide essential vitamins.

Indoor Activities to Stimulate the Mind

December often brings chilly days, limiting outdoor playtime. Combat potential boredom by introducing stimulating indoor activities. Puzzle toys, treat-dispensing gadgets, and interactive games can keep your dog mentally engaged. Not only do these activities provide mental stimulation, but they also contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilled canine companion.

Veterinary Check-Up

Schedule a comprehensive veterinary check-up for your dog in December. Regular health assessments are crucial for catching potential issues early on. Discuss preventive care measures with your vet, including vaccinations, dental health and any breed-specific concerns. This proactive approach ensures that your dog remains in optimal health throughout the season and beyond.

Joint Health in Cold Weather

As the temperature drops, joint health becomes a more critical consideration, especially for older dogs or those with arthritis. Try incorporating joint supplements into your dog’s diet to support their mobility. Additionally, providing a warm and comfortable sleeping area, perhaps with a cozy bed or blanket, can alleviate any joint discomfort.

Socialisation Opportunities

December can be an excellent time to reinforce your dog’s social skills. Arrange playdates with other well-behaved dogs or attend local dog-friendly events. Socialisation not only provides physical exercise but also helps your dog build positive relationships with others. Just be mindful of the weather conditions and choose indoor or sheltered spaces if needed.

Grooming and Skin Care

The drier air of December can affect your dog’s skin and coat. Regular grooming, including brushing, helps remove loose fur and stimulates blood flow to the skin. Try using a moisturising shampoo to prevent dryness and flakiness. Additionally, if your dog’s paws are exposed to cold surfaces, consider applying a protective balm to prevent cracking.

Creating a Cozy Indoor Environment

Make your home a comfortable haven for your dog during the colder months. Collared in The Pantiles offers a range of cozy accessories, from warm blankets to stylish beds, ensuring your pet has a snug retreat indoors. Creating a warm and inviting environment encourages your dog to relax and recharge after outdoor activities.

Monitoring Weight and Overall Wellbeing

Finally, keep a close eye on your dog’s weight and overall wellbeing. Consider a monthly check to ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight. Adjust their diet and exercise routine accordingly, consulting your vet for guidance if needed. Regular monitoring allows you to catch any potential health issues early and make proactive adjustments to your dog’s care.

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