Autumn Photography

4th October 2017

Autumn is the most photogenic time of the year. It’s a wonderful time to go for a walk and enjoy the glorious colours – and make sure you take your camera with you!

There’s a relatively short window of a few weeks when the autumn colours are at their most intense. If you want to make the most of it, check out these top photography tips in this week’s blog.

Autumn Photography

Photography at Sunrise or Sunset

The first and last hours of sunlight are known as ‘magic hours’ to photographers. In autumn, the soft, golden light of sunrise and sunset will really bring out the beautiful reds, oranges and browns in your photographs.

Use a Tripod

Tripods are the best way to get a good shot every time, steadying your camera so you don’t have to worry about shutter speed. When you’re shooting at sunrise and sunset, or when it’s misty out, this is especially useful, avoiding any blurriness in your images.

Autumn Photography

Watch your White Balance

Your camera’s white balance setting might not do justice to the warm tones of autumn. Without a little ‘tweaking’, your photos could look too cold. Although you can always correct this later with Photoshop, it’s worth playing around with your white balance settings – ‘Cloudy’ or ‘Sunny’ often works best.

Shoot on a Grey Day

You don’t need bright sunlight to capture great autumn photos. Autumn colours are saturated, and they actually stand out best on a grey day when they aren’t competing with yellow-orange sunlight.

Play with Lighting

Use backlighting to capture the full detail of autumn leaves and give them a luminous glow. Whether you’re shooting individual leaves or a whole forest canopy, the light behind the leaves will cause your camera to underexpose the photograph and capture those brilliant colours.

Autumn Photography

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