A Plastic-free Halloween

25th October 2022

Halloween has grown in popularity in the UK, with consumers spending over £400million on the creepy celebration last year. In fact, fright night is now the second biggest party after New Year’s Eve.

Costumes based on Stranger Things, Spiderman, Black Widow and even Boris Johnson are set to be popular dress up options this year, with many spooky spectacles expected on the streets of Tunbridge Wells! And with plenty of ghoulish goodies in The Pantiles stores and eateries, there’s no shortage of ways to put the frighteners on friends and family.

Shock Horror Statistics

Along with the popularity of Halloween, comes some startling statistics. Halloween is the worst holiday for waste aside from Christmas. Seven million Halloween costumes are thrown away each year, and only a tiny proportion are recycled. In fact, in the UK, an estimated 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated annually from throwaway outfits alone.

According to a survey by environmental charity Hubbub, 40% of consumers purchase pumpkins to carve for Halloween, and 60% of that number admit they dispose of the inner flesh.

Spooky Season without Treason

This year why not try to make your Halloween as eco-friendly and waste-free as possible? Here are some eerie ideas for a plastic-free celebration:

Homemade Horrors

Rather than buying shop-bought treats, bake and make your own. Ask children to help you make toffee apples, ghost meringues, cookies, fudge and sweets. These are a great idea for trick-or-treaters and as part of an un-boo-lievable party buffet.

Monstrous Treats

Avoid buying sweets and chocolates that come in plastic packaging. There are a variety of alternatives, such as foil-wrapped and paper-wrapped sweets, boxed chocolates and loose treats.

The Zero Waste Company in The Pantiles stocks a popular range of vegan fizzy and gummy sweets, chocolate buttons and chocolate covered raisins, all of which can be bought by weight. These could be popped into paper bags and rewarded to mini monsters at your door!

Smashing Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a fantastic family activity for all ages. These ghoulish gourds are also highly nutritious – so don’t throw away their flesh! Their high antioxidant content may reduce risk of chronic diseases, they have vitamins that boost immunity, protect eyesight and can promote weight loss. After carving, why not use the pumpkin flesh to make a delicious pie or hearty autumnal soup?

Terrifying Transformations

Get creative with costumes by using items you already own. Old bedsheets for ghosts, a past-its-best black dress can transform you into a witch, old clothes could be distressed to morph you into a monster or zombie. Alternatively, visit charity shops for pre-loved outfits!

Crafty Capers

Create eco-friendly spooktacular displays in your home using old fabric and materials, toilet rolls, egg boxes, milk cartons, string, wine bottles and candles and even leaves from the garden! It’s the perfect opportunity to get crafty with the kids whilst minimising the impact on the planet. 

Prepare to Scare

Whether you’re looking for ghoulish groceries, creepy candy or devilish delights, The Pantiles stores are stocked with fiendish finds to help you and your family celebrate in style. Head to The Zero Waste Company and Trevor Mottram for some ideal inspiration.