5 Reasons to Buy Vintage

10th June 2021

The word ‘vintage’ previously conjured images of outdated florals and bad-smelling faux fur – in actuality, this outdated stereotype couldn’t be any further from truth! Gen Z have awoken to the power of vintage, as the retro stylings of yesteryear have become more than trend and instead – a lifestyle.

This weekend, The Pantiles is excited to host yet another Vintage Fair. To celebrate, we’re examining the top five reasons to revisit the past! 

1. Self-Expression

Is there anything worse than going to a party, only to find someone else wearing the same dress as you? Most of the items you’ll find at a vintage stall you won’t see again; this gives you the opportunity to craft your own unique style!

Not everyone can paint or write poetry – but everyone wears clothes, therefore we all have the opportunity to get creative with fashion. Examine, evaluate and experiment; grab something outlandish and attempt to fit them with the rest of your wardrobe. Even if you have no interest in experimentation, a wardrobe with a few vintage pieces is sure to help you stand out from the rest! 

2. Get Ahead of The Trends

All fashion fads come back, at one point or another! Why not turn some heads and set the trends yourself by taking inspiration from a classic movie star? Embracing the past seems to work for Kate Moss, Rihanna and Kristen Stewart! 

This season, the 80s are huge – so why not go for the real deal rather than modern day reproductions? Ruffles, sports brands, bold colours and shoulder pads will likely be available at this weekend’s vintage fair, so be prepared to get sifting! 

3. More Affordable & Collectible

Sure, you can buy a t-shirt and jeans in Primark for £15 – but If you’re looking for clothing that looks good and will actually last; then an informed trip to a vintage stall can save you money in the long run. Plus, if you’re savvy enough, you can likely get back what little money you spend. 

It’s no secret that vintage clothing holds its value. It was used when you bought it, and unless there’s a major stain or rip – it will be in comparable condition when you sell it!

4. Better Quality

You may have heard a grandparent more than once utter the phrase; “they don’t make ’em like they used to!” – and, guess what? They were right! 

A lot of it comes down to technology. Compared to fabric made with today’s fast moving industrial processes, vintage fabric – from harvest to spinning to weaving to treating to cutting to sewing – underwent significantly less strain prior to wearing. 

5. Sustainable

The planet is facing a plethora of environmental challenges over the coming years, it’s therefore important that we all do our bit to make a difference. Recycling and re-using vintage clothing means you are not only discouraging the production of fast, throwaway fashion; but you are also getting a much better quality, unique and individual product at a better price.

The Pantiles’ Vintage Fair

With beautiful weather forecast for this weekend, there’s no better time to be outside, enjoying the picturesque Pantiles whilst hunting for vintage treasures! Although the number of stalls has been somewhat reduced due to social distancing requirements, there will still be around 20 traders – all of which will be selling retro clothing, homeware and furniture. You can also expect great food, live music and lindy hop dancers! Who needs a flux capacitor and a DeLorean to travel back in time?

Be sure to stop by The Pantiles’ Vintage Fair on 12 and 13 June from 10am to 4pm!